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Take a tour of Tuckerman Brewery. As of August 4th, Our August Tasting room hours are Mon-Friday 12-5 pm (tour at 4pm M-F) and Saturdays 3-5pm (tours at 3pm and 4pm). 
$5 for the tour and tasting 

Whether you have never taken a brewery tour, or are a total beer geek, excuse us, beer aficionado, we welcome you to tour the Tuckerman Brewery facility. On the tour, we'll show you what goes into making the award winning beers at our state of the art brewery (except the bottling line, that's another story). We may let you in on some of the secrets that make Tuckerman beer so special. Of course we will need to silence you afterwards, but you'll go with a smile on your face.

Seriously, we start the tour with a taste of our products (we hate to call beer a product), then show you around. Then it's back up to the tasting room where you will now have a deeper appreciation for the fine "product" you are enjoying. There, you will be able to pick up beer to go and shop for Tuckerman souvenirs, which include, shirts, hats,  pint glasses, and historical posters, just to name a few. Click here to shop online.

The tour starts at 3:00pm every Saturday and runs about 45 minutes to an hour. There is no rush as we enjoy spending time with our friends. If you weren't an aficionado at the start, you will be when you leave! Be sure to check out the photo of managing partner Kirsten's picture with US Ski team member Bode Miller! He loves our beer!

Don't know where we are? Click here.

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